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How to use the WTR Watch App on Android

The WTR Watch App includes many features that makes officiating Rugby matches much easier than the pencil and paper we are used to! We have put a lot of time and effort into making this app a ‘one-stop-shop’ for everything that you may need to use on and off the pitch.

Getting started

When you arrive at the grounds there are a few things that you may want to change on the watch app to customise it to the match type or teams playing. Opening the app will bring you to the main page, pressing the right '>' will navigate you to the options page - the bottom right button will lead you to settings. There is a list of settings on this page that require you to scroll to view them. On the settings page you are able to select what type of game you are officiating between regular games or 7s by tapping the ‘7s Mode’ toggle - when activated, the toggle will turn light blue. Further down, you can select how many periods are going to be played as well as the length of each period by scrolling down and pressing ‘Periods/Length’. You can then use the '+' and '-' buttons to edit the numbers. Yellow card times are similarly customisable.

You are also able to customise the main page of the Watch App to suit your needs from the settings page. In order to differentiate the teams at a glance, you can change the team colours by pressing the team colours and selecting the colours for both home and away. The timer is able to count up or down by selecting the corresponding button under ‘Toggle timer count up/down’. You can show Tries above the team scores during the game by enabling the option.

Settings page

Vibration reminders

As a regular reminder, you are can enable a ‘60s Pause Vibration’ reminder that will vibrate if you have paused the timer for more than 60 seconds if you have not unpaused the timer in that time.

60 seconds pause toggle


On the options page, you are able to adjust more aspects of the Watch App. 'Adjust scores' in the top right corner provides a history of scores, cards and injuries that took place during the game. You can delete an event by selecting it. In the bottom left is the injuries button, this takes you to the Injuries page where you add injuries that have resulted in players being taken off the pitch; to exit this page press the ‘Close’ button at the bottom of the screen and it brings you back to the options page. In the top left corner is the button to ‘End Half’. If you have selected a different number of periods this will be reflected in the text on the button. Once the first half has ended the timer will reset ready for the second half and the button will change to ‘End Game’.

Options page

Managing the game

Pressing 'Close' at the bottom of the options screen brings you back to the main page. To start the match, press the play button to start the game and the timer. To pause the timer press the pause button, and then press again to unpause. There is a smaller continuous timer above the game timer that will continue to run when the game timer is paused. To award a Try, PG, or DG, press the relevant buttons and select the outcome. The left-hand team is the Home team and the right-hand team is the Away team. When using 'Penalty view', press the 'Score' button to get to the 'Try' and 'Pg/Dg' page. If you are awarding a Try a pop-up will give 3 options: 'Conv' (conversion), 'No Conv' and 'PT' (penalty try). Selecting any of these adds the appropriate amount of points to the team and brings you back to the main page. If you are awarding a PG or DG, a pop-up will ask whether it is a Drop Goal or a Penalty Goal; selecting either option will award the corresponding points to the team and bring you back to the main page.

Home page


To add yellow or red cards to players, you press the left button on the main page. At the top of the page there is a button to switch between yellow and red cards, and below are the home and away buttons for the selected card. To add a yellow or red card, tap the button for the team that committed the offence and type in the number of the player receiving the card, after this press the '+' button to confirm. You can use the 'X' button to backspace. For yellow cards, once this is confirmed they will join a list of other cards on the team and the card timer will start. If a player receives 2 yellow cards it is automatically converted into a red card and added to their teams red card list.

Yellow cards


To view past games, scroll to the bottom of 'Settings' and select 'View past games' this will show a log of the games you have recorded.

Past games

Detailed Page View

Main Page (penalty view)

Main screen with penalty view

Press the physical 'Start' button to start the timer

Press PEN to increment penalties. Press Score for the Score Screen

Score Page

Score page

On the main page (or Score Page for penalty view), you can add scores


Conversion page

Press TRY to show the Conversion screen

Penalty goal / drop goal

Press PG/DG to add a Penalty Goal or Drop Goal



On the main screen, press 'History' at the bottom of the screen

Delete record

Double tap on an entry to Delete Record

Yellow and Red Cards

Yellow cards

On the main screen, press the left '<' to navigate to the Yellow/Red Cards

Press the '+' to add a yellow card

When two yellow cards have been added to the same player, they convert to a red card

Red cards

Press 'Switch to Red' for Red Cards

Press the '+' to add a red card

Options Screen

Options screen

On the main screen, press the right '>' to navigate to the Options Screen

Press 'End Half' to end the half. The button will change to 'End Game'. This button will show the relevant option for the number of periods chosen - e.g. 'End Third' or 'End Quarter'


Adjust scores

Press '+' to increase the score for the team

Press '-' to decrease the score for the team


Press injuries to add a serious injury (where the player has left the field)


Settings screen

On the Options Screen, press 'Settings' to customise the app

'7s Mode' changes the game to sevens, altering the gameplay options


Yellow card length

Select 'YC Length' and press + or - to adjust the length of a yellow card


Periods length configuration

Press 'Periods/Length' to choose 'Periods' or 'Length'

Press + or - to adjust the number of periods or the length of a period



In settings, scroll to the '60s Pause Vibration' option

When the toggle button says 'On', the watch sends a ‘paused’ reminder by vibrating at 60s after it has been paused.


Toggle timer

In settings, scroll to the 'Time Up/Down' option

When the 'Counting Down' toggle is highlighted, the main timer counts down from 40:00 to 00:00, for example. Otherwise, the main timer will count up from 00:00

Past games data

In settings, scroll to 'View past games' and select to view previous games

Up to 10 previous games can be stored. When it surpasses 10, the oldest game is deleted