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WTR Watch


    I've paid for the app, why isn't it displaying on my watch? [iOS]

    If you have purchased the app via your iPhone, you will need to go to the App Store on your watch device and download it there.

    How do I stop the watch going back to the homescreen? [iOS]

    On the watch, go to settings -> general -> return to clock and change it to 1 hour.

    Is it really better than pencil and card?

    We believe so, yes! And this is supported by user feedback. With the watch app you have no fear of losing the pencil, no fear of the card disintegrating in wet weather, and no fear of forgetting whether you added the try just before a conversion – just check the time of events!

    Does it work in all weather?

    The app itself certainly does, however the physical watch may have some limitations.

    Will the battery run out mid-game?

    We of course recommend starting the game with a fully-charged watch. The app itself will use negligible power, however if you have GPS tracking enabled then this will consume extra power but no more than normal tracking.

    Can I manage multiple games?

    There is no limit to the number of games you can manage on the watch, however only one game can be managed at a time.

    How can I see the current game history? [iOS]

    While on the main page, swipe up to view the current game history.

    Can I store my match history?

    Not yet, but soon. We will be releasing a subscription to an API with a WhosTheRef account, this will enable you to transfer all your match stats, and personal performance, onto your WTR profile.

    Does the app integrate with other services?

    We are developing a pitch-side app for use by match official developers. The two apps working together will be a powerful combination, with data from the watch available to the match official developer immediately after the match (subject to internet connection).

    Will it work without internet?

    Yes no problem. The app itself does not require any internet in order to run a game. An internet connection is required to synch the app with the pitch-side app, or, with your WTR profile (subject to subscription).

    Do I need my smartphone with me?

    No the app will work fine without it.

    What information do you collect about me?

    Absolutely nothing that you are not aware of. If you subscribe to the API and store data on your profile then this data resides on our servers but we do not have routine access to that.

    Who else can see the watch app data on my WTR profile?

    Only those who you authorise.

    Is there a version for other sports?

    The Rugby Union and Rugby league versions are available across all suppliers - Android, Apple, and Garmin. Association Football is currently available on Apple only, but will be available on Android and Garmin imminently. We are currently developing the Field Hockey version. If you would like to see a different sport, please contact us!

    How do I tell the world how good this app is?

    Please leave a positive review on the App Store!