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Privacy Policy

About Us Ltd (referred to herein as “We”, “Us”, “Our” or “the Company”) provides access to an online Service and an App known as,, and other similar variants (referred to herein as the “Service” or “Our Site” or “App”), to provide websites, online software, data storage and similar services or solutions for the purpose of administering sport and or managing sports officials and other similar tasks.

Our offices are located at: Limited,
17-19 St. George’s Street,
NR3 1AB,
United Kingdom.

The Company is registered in England and Wales (No. 07646852) and is registered with the UK’s Information Commissioners Office (ICO) in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 & 2018 (No. Z3021830).

We normally enter an agreement with an organisation (the ”Customer”) to provide access to the Service to their staff and Authorised Users (“You”, “Your”).

We are usually considered by the ICO to be a Data Processor. Our Customers, through whom You normally obtain the right to access the Service, are usually the Data Controller. Customers are expected to have their own privacy policy agreement with You and are responsible for how they manage the data they have obtained from You.

Our policy regarding Personally Identifiable Information (PII)

We promise You are always in control of the PII that we store or process about You and we promise we are always transparent about how we store and or process Your PII. If ever You have any concerns or suggestion on how We can improve our procedures then You can contact us using the details above.

Our platform is not intended to be accessed by children (persons under 13 years old) and therefore MUST NOT be used by any person under 13 years old unless consent has been provided by a person with parental responsibility.

Your Personally Identifiably Information (PII)

As a user of the service we require certain personal information about You, however you have access to all PII that we hold about You. The actual data about You that we store is dependent upon the requirements of the organisation through whom You access the service. The organisation is typically, but not limited to, the Club, Society, Association, or other Governing Body of which you are a member.

The minimum information required to effectively use the service is Your name and email address. However, depending upon Your organisation’s preferences, we may also collect and process Your address, phone numbers, date of birth, and other related information. You can view and amend this information at any time by accessing Your own contact record.

If You fail to provide personal information then this may impact on Your ability to participate in the relevant sport, or impact Your engagement with the Service. For example, a match official may fail to receive information relating to available officiating opportunities, and persons associated with a team may fail to receive notification of officials appointed to their fixtures.

Why we process Personally Identifiable Information about You

We process your PII so that we can carry out our contractual obligations and legitimate interest. The legitimate interest is the efficient administration of sports and other related tasks. You will receive communications via our service by email, app push-notification, SMS or other similar methods, all such communications will relate to the purpose for which Your data was collected.

How we collect Your Personally Identifiable Information

We collect PII through a variety of methods, all of which are open and transparent. Our methods for collecting PII are:

Other information is collected during the normal execution of the service, for example, Your appointment to fixtures, selection to play, input of feedback reports, recording of other information related to participation, and normal audit records for example when an action requires an update to the database, or Your details are changed.

How we use Your Personally Identifiable Information

Your PII is used only for the purposes outlined above, that is, administration of sport and other related tasks. We do not use your PII for marketing. We may from time to time contact you to notify your about matters relating to the Service.

Who we share your Personally Identifiable Information with

Your PII is normally only shared in accordance with the normal use of the Service and administration of sport, for example (but not limited to), if You are a match official then your phone number(s) and or email address or other relevant contact details may be shared with and viewable by other match officials and relevant people associated with the teams that You are officiating, or if You are a player then Your details may be shared with and viewable by relevant club or league administrators.

We would share Your PII with others if instructed to do so by a competent legal authority or if We have reasonable grounds to believe that We will be instructed to do so.

Information may be shared with competent Governing Bodies, for example to monitor the performance of the sport in general. Where the Governing Body is the Data Controller then that body will have greater access to your information. Such access should be governed by that Body’s own privacy policy.

Data such as Your email address and or mobile phone number will be shared with third parties in order to facilitate the delivery of messages to You via email, SMS or other similar methods.

International Transfer of Personally Identifiable Information

We do not store any PII outside of the European Economic Area or the UK. Occasionally the service may transfer PII outside of the UK, for example, if You are a match official appointed to a fixture in another country in which case Your name, phone number(s) and or email address or other relevant information may be sent to people outside of the UK but who are relevant to administering that fixture.

Data Security

We have put in place reasonable and appropriate security measures to protect Your PII and to prevent Your PII from being accidentally lost, used or accessed in an unauthorised way, altered, or disclosed. Our IT infrastructure has relevant security measures in place and our physical offices are always securely locked when unattended. Visitors are always accompanied by at least one employee or manager.

All employees of Ltd, our contractors, and other third parties directly related to us are obliged to be familiar with and comply with the principals of the UK's Data Protection Act 1998 and 2018 and similar regulations typically known as GDPR.

All employees undertake regular Data Security training.

The service is provided through Our websites and App known as and which are secured using appropriate encryption. Our servers are hosted at secure and professional facilities within the UK. Some media such as video files or PDFs may be stored on an AWS server located in Ireland.

In the event of any suspected or actual data breach we would:

Data Retention

We will retain Your PII only for as long as it is necessary to carry out the purpose for which it was collected, including for the purposes of any legal, accounting or ongoing reporting requirements.

To determine the appropriate retention period for PII, we consider the amount, nature and sensitivity of the PII, the potential risk of harm from unauthorised use or disclosure of Your PII, the purposes for which we process Your PII and whether we can achieve those purposes through other means, and the applicable legal requirements.

In some circumstances we may anonymise your PII (so that is can no longer be associated with You) for research or statistical purposes in which case we may use this information indefinitely without further notice to You.

You have the right to be forgotten. Upon receipt of a valid request your PII will be put beyond use.

Your legal rights

Unless subject to an exemption under the data protection laws, you may:

If you exercise any of the rights set out above, You should in the first instance contact the data controller which is normally your relevant organisation, association or Governing Body with whom You are a member or associated.


A cookie is a small file which stores data on Your device.
When using the Service, cookies are used to facilitate and enhance Your experience of the Service. The Service will not operate successfully if cookies are disabled..
We do not use cookies for marketing purposes or for tracking Your online activity not associated with the service or for collecting further PII about you. Our cookie policy is available HERE.

Other Information Collected by Us

We collect and store information for the purpose of enhancing the security of the service and analysing user's behaviour in order to enhance the operation of the service.

This information usually includes:

These records may include:

Such information is usually retained for a minimum of six months after the date of the action and is used for only auditing and analytical purposes.

Prior to submitting to Us information on behalf of another person, you must first ensure you have that persons full and proper consent to do so.

Making a complaint

If You wish to complain about our processing of your PII then You should in the first instance contact the data controller which is usually the organisation with whom you are a member or are associated. Alternatively, You may contact us directly at the address above, please address Your complaint to the Data Protection Officer.

If Your complaint is not resolved satisfactorily, You have the right to lodge a complaint with the Information Commissioners Officer whose contact details can be obtained from:

General Ltd may change this policy from time to time in accordance with the Subscription Agreement by updating this page and You should, therefore, check this page at or from time to time to ensure that You are happy with any changes.

Last Updated: 31st March 2024