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We started our business to develop a basic tool for administering match officials in local associations. That was in 2009. We have constantly evolved and now deliver a complete sports software package that delivers game and match official management tools to both local associations and National Governing Bodies alike. Our larger contracts facilitate 100,000+ fixtures annually.

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The referee watch app is an exciting new addition to our eco-system It’s a great tool for keeping track of score and time. With the upcoming additions, the app will track movement and pace around the field and other performance data that will assist the match official’s development. It will integrate with our forthcoming “pitch side app” which Match Official Developers can use to compile feedback reports stored within WhosTheRef.

Post match, the match official will be able to transfer the match result to WhosTheRef, enabling league tables to be updated immediately upon conclusion of the game. Their performance data will be stored on their WhosTheRef profile for analysis, and, self-development (these features coming end of 2023).

We are all passionate about maintaining a community atmosphere for our platform. We don’t think of users as customers – you are our friends and supporters. Take a look on our main site to find out more about our team.

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