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We are delighted with the feedback our users have given about the watch apps.Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to send us their thoughts, much appreciated. We welcome all feedback whether it's good, bad, or a feature suggestion for future releases.

The following is a selection of comments:

"The watch app is brilliant. Just been refereeing with it today. I honestly can’t recommend it enough! Great bit of kit that really does help us massively. Thank you for creating and releasing it to us all!"

"Wtr watch app is my favourite thing on earth."

"I have had it for 3 weeks , still finding things out and really enjoying its simplicity, much better than pencil and paper. I love it , it’s brilliant, easy to use , the history is there and you can change the parameters. (WTR) Thanks for your invention, investment and innovation"

"This is a very nice app."

"Loving the app so far!"

"Perfect app. Thank you! Congrats for producing such a worthwhile app."

"It is less complicated than the other app that I was using - a lot less jargon. I have the information that I need - I can keep score, I can correct it, and have YC timer."

"New WTR app on the watch worked very well."

"Hi Guys, I love using your Rugby Ref Watch App on my Apple Watch."

"Amazing job. I’m so impressed with the update."

"I have been trialing this app for who’s the ref in the Beta system and I have to say this is a quality app."

"Great tool, been using for a little while now and it’s a great step forward in officiating management, saves having to carry scorecards and pencils."

"Really enjoyed using the Rugby Watch for the first time last weekend. Really simple to use."

"Great tool. Never was a fan of writing the score down, this much easier."

"The app is great"

"Quality. Great way to make your referees game easier . Saves pen and paper. Saves the planet. Just a great idea here. Very well done on this and shall be using it every weekend / games."

"Really easy to use. A great app for assisting the referee in a rugby game. Straightforward and simple to operate. Keeps score, keeps time and monitors yellow card timers. Eliminates the need for the ref to carry a note book, pen & stopwatch."

"Such a great app!"

"It’s very helpful and easy to use"

"Worked really well"

All of the above are unsolicited comments from our users. Names have not been published, in order to preserve confidentiality.

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